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For an unforgettable indoor team building

You are looking for an original concept for the organization of an indoor team building ? The Cube is the right answer ! Created by Annapurna Consult, this game is fun and entertaining as well as the perfect tool to enforce team work and cooperation through its various challenges

Todays’ unmatched reference in terms of escape game in Brabant Wallon, The Cube was created in 2008 by Annapurna Consult. Our company specializes in the organization of team building in La Hulpe or anywhere in Belgium and abroad. We have created an amazing set design in the basements of the conference center DOLCE LA HULPE transforming the space into a post-cold war immunology center with a revolutionary technology managing the game. The ideal scenography for companies aiming for an original 2 hours team building. We also provide facilities for seminars, lodging and meals.

  • Indoor activity :
    Belgian weather being what it is, you are sure to enjoy yourself if you have bad weather conditions. It can also be combined with the game LOST, in the Foret de Soignes surrounding DOLCE LA HULPE.
  • Optimal duration of 2 hours :
    this allows you to organize your day as it suits you. We can also provide you with shorter versions following your meeting’s timetable.
  • Accessible to all :
    whatever the age or physical condition, each team member will enjoy him/herself.
The Cube

A real concept of team building

Also available for private parties, the Cube was foremost thought as a tool for companies with a main objective : enable you to look at your colleagues and friends with a different perspective.

Discover the strengths of your colleagues and managers in an original scenery, far from the day to day routine. Your perception of their personality may change and create a different bond with each other. Win the challenges together, work as a team… this is all part of a real team building concept : mix the fun with a global thinking of inter-professional relations and improve the team spirit.

Team spirit, creativity and communication are the key words for each of the challenges in the 5 shelters. The teams will have to demonstrate :

  • Leadership (laboratory)
  • Team work (food reserve)
  • Organisation (dormitory)
  • Fight misconceptions (training)
  • Help each other (control room)

A game to be associated with coaching

Before entering the elevator which will take you to THE CUBE, Annapurna Consult can also offer a coaching session. Whatever your objectives are (team spirit, communication, cohesion, new organization, …), we offer a dialogue and a thorough thinking with the help of professional coaches. We can help you find solutions which may then be experimented in THE CUBE, but also in our new concept, THE SPHERE.

Have a quick look at our coaching solution !

Ask for a ready-made offer

Ready to accept the challenge ? Do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive our various formulas as well as a free of engagement offer for your indoor team building.

We can also organize an inter-enterprise incentive for you to challenge your competitors !

Over 500 companies have put their trust in us, among which :

Cronos International

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