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A unique escape room in Brabant Wallon only 20 minutes from Brussels

Go on an adventure immersing yourself in The Cube! This amazing laboratory will make you live an extraordinary experience where your team will solve the riddles left by 4 crazy scientists. And at the end, hopefully you will have accomplished your missions to be able to escape...

a game where collaboration is the key word

If you’re looking for an escape room where challenges, riddles, and creativity are key words, you are at the right place in THE CUBE. Conceived as a survival exercise, our game will take you in the radioactive environment where crazy scientists will help you produce a serum capable of saving mankind from any bacteriological attack.

From shelter to shelter, from one riddle to the next, your team will have to work closely together in order to produce enough serum to escape from this unique place. Your time is counted : 120 !

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The Cube The Cube The Cube The Cube

your mission : accept the challenges in each of the 5 different shelters

The Cube


Answer our special quiz In the scientists workplace. The trick : you’ll all have to agree on the same answer. Ideal to test your risk taking and leadership skills

The Cube


In order to buy food, you will have to find the way out of the fear maze while collecting codes and assembling them in order to get a maximum of results

The Cube


Produce electricity by means of biking ! One of your team member will then see a code in a box and give the code to another member who will enter it on a keypad. Share the tasks in order to produce a maximum of serum and win the challenge.

The Cube


Shoot at targets to get a maximum of points. Organization here is the key word. Think strategically and trust your team members.

The Cube


Back in the main room, your objective is to follow the ariane wire with a cane, without touching the cables. Help each other in order to achieve your goal.

The Cube


A final challenge awaits the teams in the Control Room where observation skills will be necessary in order to prove that your team is the best

This last challenge can change the face of the game up to the very last minute, allowing teams who were least performant to produce enough serum to gain advantage on the others who performed better in the previous rooms.

The team who gets a maximum of serum at the end wins the game, saves the world and allows the other teams to escape from THE CUBE !

Ideal for a team building

Situé à La Hulpe, au cœur du Brabant wallon dans le complexe du Dolce, The Cube est l’endroit privilégié par les entreprises à la recherche d’un team building. It is much more than any other escape game ! Our mission is to enforce the team work in order to help your employees to work better together.

It is also ideal for a fun moment to share with family members or friends ! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or look at our page FAQ.


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